First mod to the KE70

Because a stock KE70 is basically a very serious race car, the first mod that had to be installed was of course a fire extinguisher. Yeah nah I went to Supercheap to get parts for a service and the fire extinguishers were on sale so I got two. Probably the most useless and at the same time the most useful mod I’ve ever done. I’m happy were its mounted as its pretty hidden and easily accessible. Easily installed, drill two holes wherever you want to mount it and two nuts and bolts and you’re done.


Mods mods mods

Okay so obviously i’m not going to keep either of my cars stock. Unfortunately though I don’t have the time or money to do some real mods right now, so I have to settle for little cheap mods for the time being. Plans for the Celica XX include: Coilovers (The suspension needs replacing anyway), a set of hard to get 15″ SSR Starsharks with black and polished face and black lip, hatch swapped as its rusty, good sound system (already put in a single din Sony head unit), Full exhaust system (current exhaust has a hole somewhere) and just a good clean and slowly replacing worn out parts. Will probably get into some engine mods some time in the future. For the KE70 XX mods in order of importance include: Maunual conversion to a k50 (yes its an auto and i’m hating it), A set of Advan A3A or A3D in 13×8 and 13×9 with black lip and black face (I know these are wide as fuck but i’m after that aggressive look), Fender arches (to fit the wheels), Front coilovers and rear stiffer shocks and lower springs, Aircon transplant, Strut brace, Full zorst for the 4k, some window tint, Front lip (I don’t like the AJP’s lip), boot lip (like the spirit lip), probably some more bracing, In the future an engine swap (haven’t really decided just yet but recently been leaning more towards SR20) and I haven’t really done a lot of research into steering arms ae86 suspension/steering swaps (probably don’t want to swap for s13 parts because people say they’re sloppy) stuff like that but i’m sure ill get into it. Thats what I don’t have right now for the KE but I have stuff sitting in my room waiting to go on like: 2-way alarm, central locking, sound system (speakers, sub and amp), some cool missile switches, 6″ light bars that i’m going to try and make concealed by pop up “fog light” covers, reverse camera, double din head unit and just some LED’s for license plate light, interior light and dash lights. will update the blog as I go on. For now here are some photos of some inspiration and things that i’m after.

Another one

Yep, Old Bluey. I got this car from Lygon street believe it or not, it popped up on gumtree and I jumped on it as soon as I saw it. I pretty much only bought it for the rear louvre and air conditioning parts to transplant into mine. It was cheap enough for me to justify the buy, so yeah. Also took off the mud flaps because they looked pretty good. She’s now sitting in the backyard waiting for the aircon operation, after that its another bye bye rolla post.

Corolla KE70 XX

Yep. Told you I’d be back in one again. This time one that actually runs, drives good and has registration. In all seriousness this car was a hell of a find. 75,000kms on the clock, One lady owner all its life who always garaged it, pretty much as mint as they come. Only draw back is that its an auto, still I’m a happy man. Here is some photo’s from the day I picked it up.

Bye Bye Rolla

I’ll keep this one short. Due to a lack of funds in my account and 3 money pits in my possession, It was time to say goodbye to the KE70. Having sat untouched in the garage for a few months also prompted me to pass it on to someone who would bring it back to life. It gauged a lot of interest which resulted in a quick and swift heartbreaking sale. It bothered me a lot that I had to get rid of it but I knew one day I’d be rolling in one again. These are the Pictures I put up for the sale post.

Three’s a crowd

Yeah yeah yeah I get it three’s too many….. but not for me. I felt like I couldn’t just ride around all the time so I searched for a reliable and new-ish daily driver. Through my extensive search for the right car, I proudly ended up with a 1983 Toyota Celica XX import from Japan. Now I know what you’re thinking “what the hell is that?”, to me this is one of the coolest cars in existence. Sporting the 5mgeu, this car was labelled as the 2800GT. I love this thing to absolute bits, even though its a massive pain in the ass. Mostly because it’s far from perfect and I don’t have the money to fix it but also because I don’t have the knowledge and resources to do the job properly. None the less its an absolutely amazing car. Will post more pictures in the future when its in a state that i’m proud of.