Been a while

So unfortunately due to university commitments I put this blog on the back burner until I finished with my studies for the year. Usually I try to keep updating now and then but this year was crazy busy for me. A lot has happened and I’ve found it hard to keep the flow of this blog up to scratch. I will resume uploading as if I was organised and had done so in the past. With that being said I unfortunately I have also lost quite a bit of photos so the uploads might be a bit vague. If anyone has any question feel free to comment on the posts and i’ll answer with the best of my ability.

A brief timeline of what has happened since my last proper post (April 2017)

  • A few more mods to the XX KE70
  • Purchase of a 5 speed manual KE70 for the purpose of a manual conversion
  • Purchasing of a 5 speed manual KE70 Panelvan
  • Selling of all KE70’s 😥
  • Purchase of a Toyota Crown GS131 with a Supercharged 1GGZE
  • Purchase of a Toyota Soarer MZ20 limited with a 7MGTE
  • Selling of the Crown 😥

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