Subaru front conversion

I Bought a pair of Hella sharptones from some guy in a parking lot. Unlike the entirety of the Subaru community I actually wired these ones up and use them. They work well and are way louder than the stock old Corolla ones. I did use the relay that was included with the horns which meant a whole bunch of wiring needed to be done. I mounted the horns were they could be seen behind the grill, I had to drill holes in order to mount them were I did. I grounded the horns on the mounting nuts, because I chose to use the relay I had to run a wire from the relay to a 15amp fuse and then directly to the positive on the battery. Then I had to split the power from the relay to both the horns and connect the original wiring plug to the relay. Surprisingly everything worked first try and they’re still working to this day. They look pretty cool but are hard to spot unless you are looking in line with the grill. I took a few videos so you can listen to the before and after.WIN_20170424_13_27_02_ProWIN_20170424_13_51_41_Pro



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