I bought this steering wheel when I had the red KE from some dude who was from the east side. He said he had it on his 180sx drift car, so it already had some fully hektic JDM influence embedded in it. I bought a HKB boss kit and Sparco quick release from eBay to suit the race car path I was heading on (the race car thing is a joke btw). The boss kit is good quality and the quick release is pretty good but has a tiny bit of play which doesn’t really bother me. I measured the stock distance from the dash, distance with just the boss kit and distance with boss kit and the quick release. Its now a massive reach for the indicator but I’ve gotten used to it. The seating position is now a lot more comfortable as I sit all the way back with the seat leaned back a bit and now I no longer have to reach for the steering wheel.


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