The Red Devil

I spent a lot of time trying to fix up the KE. I realised soon enough that there was a problem related to the head gasket. It was blowing smoke and draining coolant, something that I was both excited and devastated about. I decided to spend the following time researching and looking out for parts. I ended up buying a lot of cosmetic things that I didn’t really need but felt as if i’d eventually buy anyway. One day I decided to pull the head off and inspect it, the head gasket ended up being fine but the actual head itself was damaged. The car sat apart in the garage a long time after that day. Here are some photos of random things that I had on my phone including: Headrest restoration, dirty engine bay pics, the disgusting state of the thermostat, a set of 13″ Work equip 01’s I got for a steal and a lip I bought from a dude in a parking lot.


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