Been a while

So unfortunately due to university commitments I put this blog on the back burner until I finished with my studies for the year. Usually I try to keep updating now and then but this year was crazy busy for me. A lot has happened and I’ve found it hard to keep the flow of this blog up to scratch. I will resume uploading as if I was organised and had done so in the past. With that being said I unfortunately I have also lost quite a bit of photos so the uploads might be a bit vague. If anyone has any question feel free to comment on the posts and i’ll answer with the best of my ability.

A brief timeline of what has happened since my last proper post (April 2017)

  • A few more mods to the XX KE70
  • Purchase of a 5 speed manual KE70 for the purpose of a manual conversion
  • Purchasing of a 5 speed manual KE70 Panelvan
  • Selling of all KE70’s đŸ˜„
  • Purchase of a Toyota Crown GS131 with a Supercharged 1GGZE
  • Purchase of a Toyota Soarer MZ20 limited with a 7MGTE
  • Selling of the Crown đŸ˜„


I’m sorry. If you actually keep up with my posts (I can see the stats of the site so I know that no one actually does) you would know that I haven’t posted in a long time. I’ll keep this short and say all though I haven’t slowed down with my cars I definitely have slowed down with my blogs. I told myself that I would keep this site up to date but unfortunately life gets in the way. Greatest apologies, please accept these photos as compensation for my lack of organisation skills. I have lots of content to go up soon and ill upload it as soon as I possibly can.

Subaru front conversion

I Bought a pair of Hella sharptones from some guy in a parking lot. Unlike the entirety of the Subaru community I actually wired these ones up and use them. They work well and are way louder than the stock old Corolla ones. I did use the relay that was included with the horns which meant a whole bunch of wiring needed to be done. I mounted the horns were they could be seen behind the grill, I had to drill holes in order to mount them were I did. I grounded the horns on the mounting nuts, because I chose to use the relay I had to run a wire from the relay to a 15amp fuse and then directly to the positive on the battery. Then I had to split the power from the relay to both the horns and connect the original wiring plug to the relay. Surprisingly everything worked first try and they’re still working to this day. They look pretty cool but are hard to spot unless you are looking in line with the grill. I took a few videos so you can listen to the before and after.WIN_20170424_13_27_02_ProWIN_20170424_13_51_41_Pro


Variety of louvres and flaps

Mud flaps that is. I took the rear windscreen louvre and mud flaps off from old bluey and put them on the XX. I later bought and installed some rear quarter window louvres from eBay. Fitment of the rear windscreen louvre was good, not so good for the mud flaps or quarter window louvres. The mud flaps weren’t a big issue as they are rubber so I just drilled some new holes through them. Although it was a bit of a pain because I had to take of the wheel in order to properly fit them. As for the rear quarter window louvres, they are not flush with any of the corners or sides and I had to cut off the entire bottom tab just to get them to fit. They have a weird symbol in the middle were the toyota sticker usually goes on the original ones. All in all I would not recommend getting the eBay spec rear quarter window louvres.

Clear indicators

Got a pair of clear lower indicators and clear side indicators form eBay. Fitment was good for bot of them, they came from Thailand so I was expecting worse. They have orange globes which aren’t very bright when they flash during the day, might change them to stronger globes eventually. Unfortunately I tightened the screw on the left side indicator too much and cracked the lense a bit, so just be careful if you choose to do this as well. Looks way better in my opinion.


I bought this steering wheel when I had the red KE from some dude who was from the east side. He said he had it on his 180sx drift car, so it already had some fully hektic JDM influence embedded in it. I bought a HKB boss kit and Sparco quick release from eBay to suit the race car path I was heading on (the race car thing is a joke btw). The boss kit is good quality and the quick release is pretty good but has a tiny bit of play which doesn’t really bother me. I measured the stock distance from the dash, distance with just the boss kit and distance with boss kit and the quick release. Its now a massive reach for the indicator but I’ve gotten used to it. The seating position is now a lot more comfortable as I sit all the way back with the seat leaned back a bit and now I no longer have to reach for the steering wheel.